Scala filtering a List of Objects

As my Scala experience allegedly increases, being able to filter a List of Object “foo” is very useful:

val name1 = Name(“James”, 5)

val name2 = Name(“John”, 10)

val name3 = Name(“Miles”, 15)

val nameList = List(name1, name2, name3)

List(Name(James,5), Name(John,10), Name(Miles,15))

Make nameList2 _filter _on age > 6:

__    val nameList2 = nameList.filter(.age > 6 ) ___

__    // Comment =  List[Name] =     **List(Name(John,10), Name(Miles,15))**__

I have left the // Comment (from the original Scala worksheet), to illustrate the contents of nameList2.

If I was to filter on name = “Miles”:

nameList2.filter( ==”Miles”)

This would return:

// Comment List[Name] = List(Name(Miles,15))


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