Father and Amiable Software Engineer

Career programmer, who designs, assembles, fixes, and supports customers, software and systems.

miles davenportmiles davenport

software developer | application security | deployment | configuration | automation
good devOps | documentation | troubleshooting | Java | Python | Scala | agile |
tech lead | engineer | getting-on-with-it | hector

Technical Lead / Software Developer who believes in communicating effectively, the pragmatic use of unit-tests, wiki-based one page documents, who enjoys successfully delivering software, systems, and infrastructure.

I’m lucky enough to have good DevOps and support experience, understanding “the operational view” of a live system.

Start-up, and corporate view of the software development life-cycle, including fire-fighting, good devops, and the transition to continuous integration / deployment of software and systems.

In more detail:

I enjoy writing robust software (mainly in Java, and Scala), supporting systems, solving annoying bugs, sharing good ideas, keeping a wiki up-to-date, running knowledge-transfer workshops, Learning new things, and “Getting on with it.”

Enjoys API development (“gluing things together”), working with content management systems, data feeds, parsers, search engines / indexing, and custom reports.

Likes open source tools, integrating data, automating manual build and deployment, robust software, and infrastructure which is available most of the time.

Prefers Linux, Unix, or Cygwin, common sense, pragmatism, O’Reilly, Pragmatic bookshelf, and the Pomodoro technique.

Why should I waste my time on technology which has been rushed, badly designed, outsourced (in a bad way), done on the cheap, and when a development team has been turned into a bad devops team.