Enjoying the simple things in life :)

It’s a wonderfully sunny day out there, and after some revision this morning, it was time for me to do my weekly shop.

For the vast majority of you, this probably involves using a car of some description.

I own a car, but to be honest, I find them a right nuisance. It takes ages to get out of town, caused by other cars, or lorries, or something else creating congestion.

Driving in the South East of the UK is not much fun, because there are far too many cars…

miles davenport

Boris the Brompton helps fix that. Over the last year, I have switched to using a bicycle for most of my local travelling (sometimes further afield).

Why do I do this. Fitness, changing attitude, saving money. All of these.

But the main reason is enjoyment.

I love cycling, and today was no different. I cycled into Chesham, stopped off at the market, got the weeks provisions, and then returned home.

I was able to wheel my bicycle straight up to the market stalls, and buy exactly what I wanted.

The simplicity of cycling, and knowing that I am not driving a car for a local (ten mile) trip.

Being outside in the sunshine, and being aware and involved in the bigger picture.

Yes I do smile, because i’m happier on a bicyle.

There was the most amazing cheese at the market, and it was imperative to re-supply with cheese :D

I had bought some crusty bread, on my return journey, stopped for lunch.

A nice cup of tea, Somerset blue cheese, crusty cheese, by the river Chess, in the sunshine.