I’m currently reading the Phoenix project, which is about devOps.  It brings back some interesting experiences working as a developer, infrastructure engineer, and fixer of broken systems.

One thing with devOps, is getting the balance just right.   Working on a project, where people don’t have a clear technical view means that the techies are not breaking down the technical detail into language which is understood by the business.

At the other end of the extreme, a drop-dead deadline, where someone just dreamt up a date will do little to deliver a robust product.

One thing about the first part of the Phoenix project, developers are not liked or trusted.  The book comes from a service delivery viewpoint, where developers have thrown the hot potato over the fence….. “its yours to look after now”.

Although this view is common, some developers are very good at bridging the gap between development, operations, and service delivery.

I am waiting for the business as usual (no budget) to make an appearance.

Every developer should read this book.