If you do a Google for “changing the Apache Tomcat port in Eclipse” you will be told to change the relevant ports in apache-tomcat-?.?.??/conf/server.xml:

Define a non-SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port **90**80 I usually tend to change all occurrences of 8080 with 9080, and change **8**443 to **9**443. If **you have already **configured Eclipse with an Apache Tomcat "server" instance - you will need to delete this, and re-create. Open the **preferences** window in Eclipse (Window menu).  Type "server" in the search "box", and select "Runtime Environment".  Select the "Apache Tomcat" runtime environment, and click Remove. Immediately select **Add**, and select the "same Tomcat runtime.  The installation directory will be "remembered"  Click Finish. You will likely have to re-create the Tomcat instance in the "Servers view" Java EE perspective. Once the "Tomcat v?.? Server at localhost" has been created (in the Servers window) double-click the server;  the overview information will be displayed, confirming that the server Apache Tomcat ports have changed. (Re-run) any applications / servlets once Apache Tomcat has restarted :o)