I have spent the last week working across two projects. It’s been very interesting, but I haven’t done much coding.

This is not great (but is sometimes inevitable). A couple of hours ago I decided to shut the door on the outside world, and do some Tornado, Python, and micro-services.

I have been working on a side project in Scala, but want to move it to Python (as this is the main language on the projects at work).

Because of the project spread (at work), I need to stay focussed.

So closing the door, I cranked up Intellij, Spotify, and thought what music will I re-discover.

Marillion was the choice. Crikey they are excellent.

The last ninety minutes have been amazing.

Right in the zone, in the right place at the right time :):):)

I accomplished what I wanted. Ambiguity resolved. Yaaay.

It’s always difficult to juggle side-projects in your own time, but keep persevering, learning, chipping away, and investing in your skills.

Don’t let anyone accuse you of not getting it. Keep on trucking :O)