I have just watched the Edward Snowden interview on NBC news.  Despite the number of advert-breaks, it was interesting.  There is a vast amount of detail which is not being made available to the general-public.  If Edward was to return to his country, I have my doubts to the fairness of the trial he would get.

There needs to be increased governance applied to how intelligence / information is gathered.

At the other end of the spectrum, eBay gets hacked, and we are all told to change our passwords.  This is such a Daily Mail view of the world sigh.  There needs to be more of a “we are coming after you, and tell people what’s happening” message.  Some of us want to prevent information theft.

Time to let Edward Snowden go home, get a fair-crack at proving his innocence (which will hopefully kick-start pragmatic-changes to information collection).  Edward would appear to be innocent, and if so, feel free to drop by, you can have a cuppa anytime :O)