It’s great when things “just work”.  But technology doesn’t always do this.

Companies which invest all their efforts in a Windows version of something, will justify their actions by stating that the majority of their customers use Windows.  It would seem that I have been a victim of this point-of-view whilst trying to install the Epson XP-800 printer for Linux.

Broken links on web-pages, then a long wait whilst trying to download the driver itself (the i368 driver is available here  It then took ages to print a single page (I was not impressed).

Epson, please improve your service-delivery for downloading any type of driver for your products (which you support).

Service delivery is important.  It applies to small and large companies.  It allows small companies to compete ( may be of interest) with larger competitors.

If you support something which is niche (such as Linux), the service delivery should have the same attention-to-detail as the “main-stream option”.

Service _is the key here.  Service does not always mean profit, but rather _things which (just) work.  The National Health Service (NHS), the BBC, train lines (which are not main-lines) provide an essential service.  The Internet is based on tools and infrastructure which have been developed by not-for-profit initiatives, which “successfully deliver”.

I am not being altruistic.  Profit is the bottom line for the majority of business.  But producing, delivering, and supporting the niche as well as the main-stream will be noticed by enthusiasts, and give you added traction in your market-place.