Every weekday morning, someone travels past my humble abode, with a wheely bag.   Destination, the train station.

If this bag was an animal, you would ring the RSPCA.  The noise from the wheels indicate that a service is necessary.

This got me thinking, “is there a bag for a certain type of person?” - there may well be.

Work recently suggested that the male workforce could be better dressed.   Part of this “may” be your bag.

The other week on the tube, I witnessed a person, dressed in black, big dark sunglasses, black headphones.    We are not talking Wayne Hussey (goth).   More of your assertive professional.    They had a huge bag, which when it came to get off the tube, caused no end of trouble (for people getting off).

The next type is your designer bag.  Louis fouton, Pravda, or a Gucci pucci number. Not the most practical item, and not for me.

Next are the techie brigade.  Rucksacks,  jeans, with a geeky t-shirt if you are lucky.    I blame this group of people, squarely for lowering the fashion status of where I work.

Not forgetting the more traditional briefcase, flight bag management type of bag.   But abit big for the tube.

One group that I like, are the cycle courier bags you see, well, being used by real couriers.   Nothing better than someone on a bicycle, cleverly balancing their load, with a Pac Design bag.  I like the practical application, which works well in an environment.   Guess I’m an engineer.

I must admit that I am one of the technical brigade.   I like my unassuming rucksack.   Engineers in my profession wear jeans if permitted.   I wouldn’t know where to buy a Pravda bag.

So, which bag are you?  :)