I use the Metropolitan Line Every Day. I often want to find out what **trains are "near"** (in minutes) to "specific" stations.


Which platform (the train is coming into), and the trains destination.

This is useful information if you are changing trains, want to know which platform your train is coming into.  I do just this most evenings after work.

Should I stay on your slow train, or change to a semi-fast, or fast train????

[I have written an app](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chocksaway.myapplication), which gets this information.  **Welcome to Met Line Connections :O)** You **"Select Stations**" on the Metropolitan Line you are interested in. Press the "**Find Connections**" button. Your selected stations -> Each Station -> Each Platform (at the station) -> Trains (due at the platform) -> Each train -> Show -> Minutes from the station -> Train destination -> Description of where the train is are displayed.

**I have tweaked the “look and feel” - Same “purple” as the Metropolitan Line. **

I have added an “expandable menu”.  Click on the station, and the Train -> Platform information are expanded (displayed).

Here are some pictures.  Met Line Connections is happily installed, and playing with the other Jolla apps nicely :O)

20150606172949metLineTVBanner512    20150606170015

A most excellent day :) ;O)  :D