I replaced my HTC One (Android) three months ago, with a Jolla.

I loved the integration which the Android offered me.   But I didn’t like some options, hidden away behind levels of menus.   It’s not intuitive.

An easy-to-use handset needs oodles of intuition….

So, the Jolla has fewer apps, is not as stable, and is not as powerful as the mighty HTC One.


BUT, I prefer the Jolla.   Because the swipe interface, introduced on the Nokia N9, has been fine-tuned, and is lovely to use.   This intuition  is key to why I love the Jolla.

Jolla rose from the Nokia MeeGo platform, which was mislaid, in favour of Windows.

With the Jolla handset, I am turning the pages of a mobile Linux story-book, which I have followed for quite some time, believe in,  and applaud.

Well done Jolla :0)