BTEC Results, August 2020

I have just read about BTEC students being forgotten by the Pearson exam board.

This is really not good :(

It’s easy to forget what “it was like” (when) I was waiting for my results.

Days of delays heighten this tension, and clearing, applying for the next step has enough pressure.

Regardless of what has caused this, there are things which you can do:

  • Get in touch with your university, or equivalent, and let them know what’s happening.

This is important, as it shows that you are keen, and have the foresight (and communication skills) to keep everyone “in the picture”.

  • Try and get in touch with teachers, or “people who know you” (through a club or voluntary role), and ask them to give you a reference.

For anyone who reads this, please hang in there. You will get your results, and will get to “where you want to be” :)

For reference, I took a gap year, after the course I wanted to pursue was full. I got some really good experience, saw a bit of the world, and started the course a year later.

It did seem rather final (at the time), but things worked out fine.

“They will for you” :)